3rd June -  At Home
Our usual social evening + Diary Planner for the 3rd Quarter of this year. We will also be finding out who is the lucky winner of our 50/50 Draw.


14th June - Desert Island Choice
Which book, piece of music & luxury item would you choose if you were stranded on the mythical island? Derek hosts.


21st June - Games Evening
An evening of dominoes, scrabble & bridge etc.


28th June - A Good Read
Derek invites us to bring along prose - fiction and non-fiction - and poetry that means a lot to us.





5th July -  At Home
Our usual social evening where members catch up and chat over tea & coffee etc. There will also be a brief Members' Meeting and we will find out who is the lucky winner of our 50/50 Draw.


12th July - Discussion: 'Loneliness'
Cristiano leads a discussion on a subject that affects us all.


19th July - Photographic Memories
Through our photographs Derek & Mark share memories of our 25th Birthday Party and other recent events.


26th July - Animal Magic
Derek invites us to share film clips, music, poetry, prose, photos and pictures in which animals show their particular magic.




2nd August -  At Home

Our usual social evening with a brief Members' Meeting. We will be also finding out who is the lucky winner of our 50/50 Draw.


9th August - MESMAC Evening
Stephen from MESMAC updates us on recent changes and MESMAC's current situation.


16th August - Film Night: 'Oh Mister Porter'
John presents the classic comedy film starring Will Hay.


23rd August - Meal Out
Phil organises an evening of conviviality in different surroundings.


30th August - Radio Pre '67
We listen to a programme, broadcast in 1965, in which 'experts' of the day shared their theories and beliefs on what causes homosexuality. Derek presents.




6th September -  At Home

Our usual social evening & Diary Planner for the 4th Quarter of this year. We will be also finding out who is the lucky winner of our 50/50 Draw.


13th September - Classic Comedy Night
Phil shares a couple of his favourite comedy classics.


20th September - Music Night
Using smart phones and our soundbar we download favourite songs and pieces of music.


27th September - Mental Health Awareness
Alan gives us a brief introduction to understanding the stigmas, myths and realities of mental health.


Please note: the diary is subject to alteration but correct at time of publication

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